Composer josé Rendón was born in Mexico City on October the 6th, 1973. Interested in the arts since very young, he has always been involved in several cultural and artistic activities, educating himself in painting, photography and cinema.

He started into music by taking private drum lessons at 15. From then, he moves on to other instruments, like guitar and piano.

In 1995, he enrolls in a course on the foundations of film music at the Mexican National Center for the Arts, taught by Master musician Arturo Brenan.

In 2006 he enrolls in the Music Film Workshop at the Casa Del Lago UNAM, taught by Master musician Rodrigo Flores López.

At the same time he enrolls in a Master Certificate in Theory, Harmony & Ear Training at Berklee College of Music, which
he finished on March of 2008.

José Rendón it's a proud winner of the Berkleemusic’s Celebrity Online Scholarships 2007 in the name of Mark Mothersbaugh, founder of Mutato Muzika Studios and member
of the acclaimed band DEVO.

Throughout his career, José Rendón has done post-production and musical production for some of the best studios in Mexico and has collaborated with well known sound engineers and musicians.

At the same time He has been involved with projects in several artistic disciplines, like film, poetry and graphic design.

In 2004, his work in the short fiction feature “Paranoia”, directed by Hugo Mendoza was nominated
at the Crystal Screen Festival for best original music.

Besides, José Rendón has never stopped producing original music, playing and recording on several musical projects in North America, Europe and Asia.

On 2002, José Rendón joined his musician friend Miguel Gonzalez in founding and heading the musical label and collective Konfort Records, for promoting and supporting electronic music in Mexico and Latin America. Konfort Records would eventually release ten compilations with some of the best Mexican electronic acts today, becoming also the first Mexican label to earn the international QWARTZ award for:

best independent electronic music compilation of 2005,
for the “Máximas Texturas 010” album.

Today, Discos Konfort is one of the cornerstones of the Mexican electronic scene and has started it’s expansion into the rest of Latin America.

On May 2004, José Rendón was invited to take part in the electronic music and poetry project “Urbe Probeta”, produced by Discos Konfort and the poetry collective “Motín Poeta”, with whom he performed live at the alternative art gallery “El Ojo Atómico” in Madrid, Spain. On December of that same year, he performed at the New Mexican Sound Festival, organized by ASAHI Corporation in
Tokyo, Japan.

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